Storing bamboo canes

Tip for cane storage
Using an old drinks bottle to store canes is both tidy and safe

Here’s a way to both recycle, and tidy those canes with no more than a few spare minutes, two empty plastic bottles, and a pair of scissors.

  • You need two identical plastic bottles. The ones shown are 1 litre water bottles. I found these hold approx 30 canes.
  • Cut the conical top half of the bottles off. I found leaving a few millimeters of the sloping part helps ‘grab’ the canes.
  • Feed the canes into one of the bottle halves until they’re packed in tightly. You’ll find most canes have a slightly wider diameter at one end. Turn half of them around so there’s a mix of narrow and wide ends bunched together so that bundled together they’ll pack identically into the bottle halves.
  • When one end is packed nice and tight repeat the same for the other end into the second bottle.
  • Job done! A nice compact bundle of canes to store standing, on a shelf, or in the rafters of your shed.

Courtesy of Clousden Drive Allotment Association