This is a cooking tip rather than a growing one, but I thought I would share as it is such a great gadget.

Turn courgettes or carrots into long spaghetti-like spirals!


Fantastic for salad or good as a substitute for pasta. If you are going to use it as pasta, I would blanch for 2-3 mins in boiling water max to keep them crunchy.

Surprisingly nice and low carb (if you are into all that stuff!).

You can purchase one simlar to the one on the right via Amazon.co.uk for less than £10 or try cookware shops as they are getting quite trendy now.

You can buy large versions that sit on the worktop with a large handle for turning, but these small versions work fine.

The difference between spiralizing and using a food processor is that you can produce very long lengths of ‘noodles’ or ‘zoodles’ as they are known.