Pebbleart Competition

The following 9 pebbles have been hidden in Davyhulme Park or Golden Hill Park, Urmston.

Hidden pebbles

The first child to find and post a picture of the pebble on the Trafford PebbleArt page with #GranvilleParkAllotmentOpenDay wins a voucher that can be redeemed at our Allotment Family Open Day and Show on the 19th August 2018 (14.00-16.00). A prize is available for each pebble – that means there are 9 prizes up for grabs!

See the facebook event for further details about the day:

After you have found the pebble please replace for others to find, however the prize will only be valid for the first picture of each pebble design.

The voucher entitles the holder to:

  • A FREE face-painting design
  • A FREE cake
  • A FREE drink
  • FREE go on the Children’s tombola
  • A FREE go on one of the other Children’s games.

Event Details

Granville Park is a local Allotment ground in Urmston. On this day we are open to the public. At our event you can buy vegetables, flowers and fruit grown on the allotment ground along with homemade jams, chutneys and preserves. There are children’s games, face-painting and entertainment provided by the Flixton Community Band. Bring along a blanket or foldable chair and enjoy the show! Handmade crafts are for sale along with a tombola and food hamper. Tea, coffee, and refreshments with homemade cakes available. View the vegetable, flower, fruit and home produce competition and find out about renting an allotment, allotment life and have a look around the ground.

Terms and Conditions
1. Picture can be posted by parent/guardian and doesn’t need to identify the child.
2. First picture to be posted by Facebook time stamp for each of the 9 pebble designs is eligible for a voucher. #GranvilleParkAllotmentOpenDay must be included in the post.
3. Winners will be contacted by Tues 14th August 2018 at 17.00.
4. Voucher will be delivered via contact on private message with the parent/guardian of the child.
5. Child must be accompanied at the event.
6. Voucher is exchangeable for the prizes identified and doesn’t have any cash value.
7. Maximum one voucher per child.
8. Maximum age of winner – age 16.

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This is a cooking tip rather than a growing one, but I thought I would share as it is such a great gadget.

Turn courgettes or carrots into long spaghetti-like spirals!


Fantastic for salad or good as a substitute for pasta. If you are going to use it as pasta, I would blanch for 2-3 mins in boiling water max to keep them crunchy.

Surprisingly nice and low carb (if you are into all that stuff!).

You can purchase one simlar to the one on the right via for less than £10 or try cookware shops as they are getting quite trendy now.

You can buy large versions that sit on the worktop with a large handle for turning, but these small versions work fine.

The difference between spiralizing and using a food processor is that you can produce very long lengths of ‘noodles’ or ‘zoodles’ as they are known.

Storing bamboo canes

Tip for cane storage
Using an old drinks bottle to store canes is both tidy and safe

Here’s a way to both recycle, and tidy those canes with no more than a few spare minutes, two empty plastic bottles, and a pair of scissors.

  • You need two identical plastic bottles. The ones shown are 1 litre water bottles. I found these hold approx 30 canes.
  • Cut the conical top half of the bottles off. I found leaving a few millimeters of the sloping part helps ‘grab’ the canes.
  • Feed the canes into one of the bottle halves until they’re packed in tightly. You’ll find most canes have a slightly wider diameter at one end. Turn half of them around so there’s a mix of narrow and wide ends bunched together so that bundled together they’ll pack identically into the bottle halves.
  • When one end is packed nice and tight repeat the same for the other end into the second bottle.
  • Job done! A nice compact bundle of canes to store standing, on a shelf, or in the rafters of your shed.

Courtesy of Clousden Drive Allotment Association