Other Competitions

There are five other competitions/prizes available to plotholders.

The UAGS annual competition

This competition is judged by an independent adjudicator during July. The adjudicator visits the site and prizes are allocated for the “best plot”, “best flowerbed” and “best onion bed”. Each category is judged via a points system. Points are gained for variety of produce as well as maintenance. You will also receive credit for water management, composting and other innovations. The competition is open to all members from any site registered with UAGS so competitors are up against other local sites as well as plot holders at Granville Park.

Prize winners receive a small monetary prize and also a cup/shield. The 2015 results are now available.

The Trafford Allotment Competition

Again, this is judged in July by an independent adjudicator. Prizes are available for “best plot”, “best flowerbed” and “best onion bed”. This competition doesn’t use a point system. The adjudicator takes a more holistic view. Prize winners achieve a certificate and, in addition, there are awards for ‘commended’ and ‘highly commended’ plots.

This competition is open to all plot holders on the 32 sites within Trafford.

The Trafford Gardener’s Evening Competition

This competition takes place in September. Individuals can enter, but entries are usually on a site ground basis. We tend to enter as a ground and have been very successful on an annual basis. There are prizes for “best tray” and a flower section.

Nominal monetary prizes are avaliable for each section.

The evening comprises of the competition, a social event usually including a buffet and guest speakers.

The Granville Park Most Improved Plot Competition

This competition is judged by the site committee and is only open to site members. The award recognises improvement made since a plot holder took tenancy. Sometimes this is awarded for annual progress, but usually this is awarded for progress made over a longer period. A shield and voucher for the UAGS allotment shop is presented at the AGM.

Trafford Environmental Award

This competition takes place during July and entries must be in by the end of June. Entry forms can be found in the site hut. You will be asked to declare that no inorganic substances have been used on your plot.

Supporting Documents

UAGS Competition Flyer
UAGS Competition Guidance
UAGS Comp forms for Judges