Blue slug pellets

You may have read that the Government has banned metaldehyde, a chemical widely used in slug and snail control. This impacts users of slug pellets, which we used to sell from our onsite shop at Granville Park.

The key implications of this for us all are as follows:

  • We sold blue slug pellets both loose and in bottle, both of these contain metaldehyde.
  • On 30th June this year it became illegal to sell products containing metaldehyde.
  • If you have blue slug pellets at home, or had bought prior to 30th June, you are allowed to continue to use these for a further year.
  • As from 30th June 2020, it becomes illegal to use blue slug pellets in the garden or allotment.

You can continue to use slug pellets which are based on ferric phosphate.
We will be looking at our supplier to see what we are able to stock on the ground.
Used as directed, ferric phosphate slug pellets pose no risk to children or pets.

There are also a range of options available for the gardener to control slugs such as beer traps, copper tape around pots, parasitic nematodes as well as various physical barriers.

Slugs and snails also have natural predators like birds, frogs and ground beetles. These should be encouraged in the garden or allotment and something as simple as a pile of rotting logs will entice them in.

If you wish to dispose of your blue slug pellets then you can dispose of unused product in its original container at a licensed local authority waste site. For Granville Park, this is…

Chester Road Household Waste Recycling Centre.
Chester Road
M32 9AU