Granville Park History

birdseyeviewDuring the second world war Granville Park Allotments were extended using land previously occupied by the ‘Urmston Rifle Club’. This increased the size of the site and is the explanation why some of the plots are not the standard ’10 pole’. ’10 pole’ is 1/16th of an acre or 2.722.5 square ft. This is a similar size to a singles tennis court. As the site expanded land was allocated quickly without the previous strict measurements taking place. The end point can be seen today with a few plots being a non-standard shape and size.

Some plots are let as ‘half plots’. This is a recent development that has allowed people who could not maintain a full plot to be part of our community. Over the last few years allotments have become popular with working people, families and those with less time avaliable. Working a ‘half plot’ is a good solution to enable these people to grow their own fruit and veg.