How to get a plot

To get a plot you will need to contact our site secretary to join the waiting list. The current waiting list and plot availability is updated at the start of each month after the committee meeting. This will be displayed under Vacancies in the sidebar.

The majority of the allotment sites in England are under local authority control. Your first step to get a plot is to contact your local council. The council will give you a contact number for individual sites in your area or your area manager. Some allotments may be controlled by local parish councils or by private landlords. In this case, it is best to ask at the plot for a contact telephone number.

It is important to consider the distance from your home as you will need to make regular visits to maintain your site. Many allotment sites have waiting lists, others may have vacant plots. You should also assess the condition of the plot you are offered. Some plots may be in a good condition with few perennial weeds, others may have not been ‘worked’ for some time. Consider the level of commitment that will be needed to get the plot under cultivation. Most committees will understand that a plot that has been neglected for some period will take some time to be under full cultivation and not expect you to work miracles, but you will be expected to be improving the condition of the land. The most important factor is to be realistic about what workload you are able to take on.