Granville Park Allotments

Granville Park Allotments are based in Urmston, South Manchester (UK).

flower_bedWe are a council-owned site providing local residents with the opportunity to grow fresh fruit and vegetables.

The grounds are split into over 50 plots and the tenants include people of all ages, abilities, cultures and backgrounds.

Granville Park holds a very popular Annual Show and Open Day every August, afterwards visitors are invited to buy produce, enjoy refreshments and take a stroll around the allotments.

The family open day and annual show for 2018 will be Sunday August 19th. Gates open to the public at 2pm. Refreshments, cakes and home preserves for sale along with a performance by Flixton Community Band

This is a great time to get your name down as at this time of year some plots do become available. For more information see how to get a plot.

Granville Park Allotments is a subgroup of UAGS. and we are a member of the National Allotment Society.

some home grown goodies

Growing tomato seedlings from fresh tomatoes

Nature knows best!

An easy and effective way to grow tomato seedlings is to plant a slice of fresh tomato in compost and allow the seeds to just sprout naturally.

Choose a tasty tomato, chop a slice and plant covered with multipurpose compost in a pot on the windowsill. I tried this method and was very impressed. Half a cherry tomato produced 40 seedlings!

Tomato seeds do need a little heat to germinate so cover with clingflm and place in the sun or use a propagator.

If you try this method, let us know how you get on!

Plant Sale and grounds maintenance a great success

Todays plant sale and grounds maintenance was a great success.

Thanks to everyone who donated plants and there are still some spares available outside the hut. If you take any please leave a donation in the hut.

The tea, coffee and cakes is always a good bit of encouragement.

The site shop did some good trade today, the canes proving to be very popular yet again. This is helped by the fact they are very good quality.

Regarding the grounds maintenance, it was fantastic to see so many people helping today and if ever there was proof that many hands make light work, this was it. I know when I was thanking people a couple of you said “but I didn’t do much”, and that’s kind of the point, if each of us do a little bit, we get an awful lot done. Thank you everyone.

There is still some work to be done on the Westbourne Park fence where we have trimmed a bit back along the whole length today, and myself and John were then cutting closer to the fence so it is a lot tidier. If anyone is available next Sunday, it will be much of the same, sweeping and chucking bits into a barrow.

Whilst outside the ground we also got some very positive comments from the residents opposite who said that it was great to see everyone working together to make the outside of the ground look good. They also thanked us for mowing the grass verges, it is nice to see our hard work is being noticed and appreciated.

– Anthony



Hedgehog Awareness Week

A hedgehog

Although the European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) is stable in many other parts of Europe, it is in decline in Britain. In the 1950’s the hedgehog population was estimated to be at around 30 million. By 1995 this was 1.5million and since then there is believed to have been a rapid decline. Scientific surveys have suggested the rate of decline may be as high as 10% of the total population per year. Loss of natural habitat to development and agriculture are contributing; as is use of pesticides in farming – as the number of pests are reduced there is less food for hedgehogs to eat. New building sites can ‘carve up’ habitats and make it hard for local populations of hedgehogs to breed.

What can you do to help our spikey little friends?

Hedgehog on leaves
Piotr Łaskawski

Hedgehogs like to live in hedgerows, but will nest anywhere there is good cover. Provide rough areas for shelter. You can purchase, or make, hog houses and place them on your plot or in the surrounding hedgerows around the site. Non-organic blue slug pellets can poison hedgehogs if they consume a high quantity of contaminated slugs so try to avoid these where possible, or reduce their usage. Check areas before strimming, hedgehogs are nocturnal and not usually out during the daytime so if you see a hog out in the day it could be a sign of distress.

If you see a hedgehog looking disorientated or ill, see the British Hedgehog Preservation Society for advice.

Why are hedgehogs important for our allotment site?

Hedgehogs eat slugs, as well as other pests like caterpillars and beetles – very useful!
Visit Our Hogwatch for more information and to get involved with hog monitoring.

Family Open Day and Show 2018

The family open day and annual show for 2018 will be Sunday August 19th. Gates open to the public at 2pm.

Buy vegetables, flowers and fruit grown on the allotment ground along with homemade jams, chutneys and preserves.

Children’s games, face-painting and entertainment provided by the Flixton Community Band. Bring along a blanket or foldable chair and enjoy the show!

Handmade crafts for sale along with a tombola and food hamper.

Tea, coffee, refreshments with homemade cakes.

View the vegetable, flower, fruit and home produce competition and find out about renting an allotment, allotment life and have a look around the ground.

Gate to the carpark entrance

We are aware that the lock on the gate to the carpark is a quite difficult to use. It is lockable, but requires careful closing of the lock to ensure it is in the right position. The best way to do this is to push the loop right in and let it bounce back a little. We are looking at trying to sort this (it is due to the position the lock sits on the new design of gate). In the meantime please do not leave the gate unlocked. If you struggle to close this gate please use the other gate and walk around.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience.

Water back on

The water supply is back on!

As the weather has improved, the water supply is now back on. If you spot any leaks please let one of the committee or John from Plot 6 know.

Please respect other plotholders and don’t use a hose for more than 30 minutes.

No sprinklers are allowed.

Plant Sale – 20th May 10am

On the 20th May there will be a bring and buy plant sale. Bring along your excess plants and buy what you need. 10.00-12.00 in the ground hut. Coffee & Tea provided.

If you are new this is a good way to buy plants, particularly if you don’t have a suitable greenhouse to start off seeds.

Open to plotholders only